Robert Schumann (1810-1856)

Complete Works for Violin and Orchestra

Fantasy for Violin with the Accompaniment of the Orchestra or Pianoforte, Op.131
(1853, published 1854)

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Concerto for Violin with the Accompaniment of the Orchestra in D Minor
(1853, published 1937)

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03 II Langsam [06:35]
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04 III Lebhaft, doch nicht schnell [10:34]
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Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in A Minor Based on the Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra in A Minor, Op.129
(Version for violin by the composer, 1853?/1850, published 1854/1987)

05 I Nicht zu schnell [10:33]
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06 II Langsam [03:44]
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07 III Sehr lebhaft [07:22] 
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Three arrangements from 12 Pieces for Piano Four Hands for Small and Large Children, Op.85 for violin and orchestra
(1849, published 1850) 

08 Garden Melody (No. 3) [03:19]
arranged by Ernst Rudorff
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09 At the Fountain (No. 9) [03:12]
arranged by Ernst Rudorff
(published 1887)*
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10 Evening Song (No. 12) [02:57]
arranged by Joseph Joachim
(1861, published 1862)*
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Total Time [79:15]

*World premiere recording



Lena Neudauer
plays Schumann

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