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The ensemble has continued to be in great demand, in particular for performances on special occasions, and has enjoyed repeated success with compositions from the part of its repertoire presented here as well as with other splendid pieces. The Cologne bassoonists gained worldwide fame above all with their two CDs, Fagottissimo (MDG 324 0379), Fagottissima nova (MDG 324 0544-2) and Fagottissima terzia (MDG 324 0970-2), which led to a genuine bassoon-ensemble boom: many other bassoon ensembles were founded, and searches were launched for original literature and arrangements for this fascinating and variable instrumentation.

The ensemble produces a whole range of different tone colours through the inclusion of percussion instruments, the violin, or the piccolo or sopranino recorder. The idea to accommodate a voice part came from Heike Wagner, and the arrangements weredesigned especially for her.



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