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Grand Goal

Tour de Force

Original Sound

The instruments employed on this recording are just as rich and varied as the music. The original harpsichord by Burkat Shudi from 1771 carefully guarded in the Glarus Canton Museum in Switzerland is of course heard again. Repeat hearings are also granted to the copies of historical harpsichords and a fortepiano sought out by Rampe at the Arizona State University in Tempe. An original tangent piano built in Northern or Central Germany during the late eighteenth century is heard for the first time.

Musical Multitalent

In Siegbert Rampe we encounter a rare multitalent. He is not only a highly respected musicologist who has published a great many scores and books but also a fiery interpreter with a fine feel for the tonal values of instruments and for whom no limits seem to be set in the musical, performance, and technical fields.





W. A. Mozart
Complete Clavier Works Vol. 12

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