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Tang Jianping: Fei Ge

Chun Qiu (pipa concerto inspired by The Spring and Autumn Annals, attributed to Confucius), Cang Cai, the percussion concerto Sacred Fire 2008, Fei Ge (The Flying Song), Shaolin in the Wind, Jing Wei (music for the dance drama), White Horses among the Reeds (cantata on Buddhist themes), music for the television documentary The Forbidden City, Genghis Khan (a dramatic cantata for Mongolian throat singers, ethnic instruments, soloists, choir and orchestra) and the opera Song of YouthChun QiuFei Ge was commissioned by Orchestra Asia in 2002, and was originally conceived as a concerto for the Chinese dizi Fei Ge Fei Ge Suona



Chinese Recorder Concertos

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