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Daniel Börtz: Nemesis divina

Daniel Börtz: Nemesis divina

Text: Carl von Linné

Translation: Kettil Skarby


Nemesis divina ...
You have come to a world you do not know of.
You do not see the host,
but you wonder at his splendour.
You see the prettiest lillies be choked by weeds.

Nemesis divina ...
The question is: What is God?
Who sees, hears, knows. I don't see God!
What is it that I feel inside? I do not see it.
Eyes are like a Camera obscura.
The eyes depict the objects,
but of the affected nerve nothing can be seen,
I can't judge, what is right.
Nerves are led to the brain,
where I see nothing
Yet there is something
that perceives and reasons, that figures out
what I do not investigate.
No wonder that I do not see God
when I do not see the ego living in me.

In domeshaped church rooms,
where the stuffy air has been filled with
the congregation's exhalations,
many are affected by shivers.
All of nature cowers back from all that stinks!
Nons confined in narrow cloister cells,
often become in the noisome air
pale, cheerless, wasted.
A child who is about to die at it's birth
may be brought back from the jaws of death
simply through air beeing inflated, mere inflated.

What is life? A flame as long as the oil is lasting.
I regard each human being as a wax candle.
Our God lights us and every soul with fire.
Thus all men beam with their human wisdom
when in this theatre.
I regard every man ... man ... yet?




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