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Michala Petri, Recorder

Kreisler Inspirations with Lars Hannibal (2002),  the Grammy nominated Movements, two discs of Bach and Handel Sonatas with Keith Jarrett and the critically acclaimed Los Angeles Street Concerto: Michala Petri plays Thomas Koppel, which received the Danish Music Award as Best Classical Album in 2006.

In 1992 she formed a duo with Danish guitarist and lute player Lars Hannibal, with whom she tours all over the world. In 2006 the two musicians launched the record label OUR Recordings. The new label was established with the purpose of providing the artists with an independent platform for their continuing artistic explorations, free from stylistic or commercial constraints. With more than a dozen releases to date, the OUR Recordings catalogue has embraced World Music (Siesta and Spirits), the standard repertoire (Virtuoso Baroque; Mozart Flute Quartets;

Stephen Layton, conductor

The Danish National Vocal Ensemble

Torsten Nielsen (solo in The Nightingale), Hans-Henrik Raaholt, Daniel Åberg, Steffen Bruun, Johan Karlström




Michala Petri & Danish National Vocal Ensemble

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