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"World Premiere Recording of the Year"



The Nightingale
New Nordic Music for Recorder and Choir

(Text: Gerard Manley Hopkins)

Michala Petri, Recorder
Danish National Vocal Ensemble
Stephen Layton, conductor

Ugis PraulinsSunleif RasmussenPeter Bruun provides us a glimpse into Gerard Manley Hopkins secretive mysticism while Daniel Börtz
- David Hurwitz,


Recorded August 8-12 2011 in Christianskirken, Copenhagen, Denmark
Recorded by Timbre Music -
Recording producer: Preben Iwan
Executive producers: Lars Hannibal and Ivar Munk
Sound engineering: Preben Iwan & Mikkel Nymand
Booklet notes: Joshua Cheek
Photos: Tom Barnard, Ivan Riordan Boll, Keith Saunders, Georg Oddner
Artwork and cover design: Charlotte E. Z. Bruun Petersen
Recorded with generous support from STATENS KUNSTFOND

Recorders: Moeck, Ehlert and Mollenhauer
Recorded in the DXD audio format (Digital eXtreme Definition), 352.8 kHz / 24bit. Microphones: 3x DPA 4006TL - 2x DPA 4011TL - 4x U89 Neumann - 1x Sennheiser MKH40. Converters/ & Preamps: DAD AX24
DAW system: Pyramix with Smart AV Tango controller
Monitoring: B&W 802 Diamond speakers




Michala Petri & Danish National Vocal Ensemble

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